Macho Macho hits the Sydney Morning Herald!

9 May

We knew it was just a matter of time before the mainstream media jumped on Macho, check out the link to the SMH website fellow believers!

Sydney Morning Herald - Macho Macho


Tom Waterhouse Parody – Macho Macho Style!

5 Mar

Ever feel like your stuck in a loop? With these annoying ads we sure feel like we do!


Brad Pitt Chanel No 5 – Macho Style!

16 Feb

 Macho Macho Productions.

Written, Produced and Directed by Wayne Bradley and Reshad Strik

Starring – Reshad Strik as Brad Pitt.

Camera Assist and after Effects – Matteo Candino

Sound Engineer – Rohan Ananda Ramaswamy


Macho Macho Bros.

12 Feb

Macho Macho Bros.

Open for business..

Back in the Edit Suite!

7 Feb

Macho Macho cutting together some magic…!


Macho Macho Comedy – Christmas Eve!

19 Jan

There is trouble at the North Pole on Christmas Eve as 2 Elves give Santa some bad news…

A Macho Macho Productions.

Produced and Directed by Wayne Bradley and Reshad Strik

Written by Simon T Gleeson, Wayne Bradley and Reshad Strik

Starring- Simon T. Gleeson, Wayne Bradley, Tim Roberts and Reshad Strik


19 Dec

Macho Macho Comedy is the brain child of Wayne Bradley and Reshad Strik. A series of short and sharp parodies and sketches that are designed to be silly, jovial, fun and to make you wet yourself or confuse your mamma. So strap your self in, slick back your hair and floss your teeth and join us on an idiotic action packed modern fairy tale of funnies!


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